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Feeling overwhelmed by running your business and what you need to accomplish each day?

Imagine how it would feel to accomplish more, in less time, with less effort AND build a healthy, profitable business in the process!

For business owners struggling with productivity and profitability, Cathy Sexton offers proven strategies, systems, and solutions. As a Certified Productivity Trainer and Certified Life Style Design Coach, Cathy brings a unique, comprehensive approach to complex situations. Add in her 30+ years of experience in accounting and expertise as a Profit Specialist and Cathy is truly THE partner in productivity and profitability every small business needs to succeed.

Cathy’s own journey to creating The Productivity Experts and becoming that partner every business owner needs is one of personal experience and deep understanding of what it really takes to balance success in life and business.

Years ago, Cathy Sexton found herself in an endless cycle of stress with a constantly increasing workload. At first, she started going to work a little earlier to try and catch up. This tactic seemed to work for a while, but then Cathy began starting earlier and earlier. When that didn’t seem to help, she started adding extra hours to the end of the day, which started taking a toll on her personal life as well. Cathy was starting earlier and ending later than anyone else that worked with her. But, even working harder and putting in more hours, she still wasn’t able to catch up with the bulk of her work.

Cathy’s drive to do it all and have it all started taking its toll on her health. She was almost constantly stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed, and exhausted. Her doctor was telling her that her workaholic ways were causing catastrophic changes to her body… and deep down she knew it was true. But she didn’t know how to get off the hamster wheel. It all felt important. What could she possibly give up and still fulfill her definition of success in her life?

After years of following this pattern, Cathy was diagnosed with a serious medical condition triggered by her stress. This was a wake-up call. It led to a difficult time full of self-evaluation, hard decisions, and changing long-standing habits and behaviors, but Cathy knew something had to change. Ultimately, she realized that if she didn’t make changes, her daughter would grow up without a mother and her husband would lose his wife. Cathy knew she had to take a stand.

She realized the way she was managing her workload was the immediate factor in her health issues and strain in her personal life. She also quickly realized she was in control of her situation and habits, and only she could change them. She decided to reassess her work life and make serious changes to how she was prioritizing and spending her time. The next step was to take action in a healthier direction.

She started reading, attending seminars, and working with a professional to get her started in the right direction. She learned to organize her workload, increase her focus on the project at hand, and delegate some of the overwhelming workload she had in order decrease the stress in her life. Here, everything began to change.

After Cathy was able to break the bad habits she held in her own life, she realized her accomplishment could help others with the same issues. She knew she wasn’t the only one struggling. So, Cathy set out again to learn everything she could to help others conquer their workaholic ways and work smarter rather than harder too.

In 2003, Cathy boldly embraced the chance to redesign her future and follow her heart on her new mission. She launched a productivity consulting business that offered organizational and productivity skill training to business owners, professionals, department managers, and individuals. The focus of The Productivity Experts was to help those individuals ignite their performance in their work environment, while increasing precious time with family and friends and creating balance in their lives.

Through her speaking and programs, Cathy was able to help those who were growing their business, advancing their career, or just wanting to reduce the daily pressures they faced. Each program and presentation offered solid strategies, tips, and valuable takeaways that continuously helped clients and audience members accomplish more with less effort and less stress, which saved them time, money, and – in the long run – their health and sanity.

She sought to inspire and guide each individual to create a life and business based on their values, so they could create a life they valued. And she used her strengths and passion to help others work smarter and find that work-life balance that had eluded her for years.

The more Cathy worked with entrepreneurs and small business owners, the more she realized just how common that overwhelming struggle to manage all aspects of running a business was. In an increasingly competitive market, she saw business owners were often overwhelmed by the demands on their time and resources. They had to wear more hats than ever to stand out and compete. They each had their own unique blend of strengths, weaknesses, and challenges, which directly affected their potential to succeed. And she watched many try solutions that merely put a Band-Aid on one problem, allowing the struggle to continue.

Business owners needed a comprehensive approach for creating the environment that supported healthy, sustainable growth for the business and addressed the many challenges business owners face. So, in 2016, Cathy took all the wildly successful coaching, training, and speaking programs that had helped individuals and business owners in specific areas and combined them into one comprehensive program designed to address the overall health and wellness of a business.

Cathy’s unique ability to evaluate what’s working and what’s not gets to the heart of what’s needed quickly, so business owners can maximize their strengths and fill in the gaps. Her Miracle Money Method empowers business owners to tame expenses, realize profits, and see regular owner’s pay – some for the first time. And her focus on time management and implementation of proven systems and processes that substantially increase productivity and profits will take any business from struggling to thriving – fast!

Cathy Sexton took all her skills, expertise, and passion and created a road to health and wellness for business owners – their Prescription for Success. In doing so, she has become a shining example of how someone can take adversity and use it in a positive way to help others avoid the same pitfalls.

In 2018, Cathy went even further, taking her signature program virtual and creating a membership community that not only provides valuable ongoing resources, but also additional support business owners need. She continues to work with clients one-on-one and embraces every opportunity to speak. Her mission is, as it has been from the start, to help individuals streamline their time and energy, make every moment count, and reach their goals – both personally and professionally.

She has helped hundreds of groups, and countless individuals, streamline their processes, get paid what they deserve, and achieve sustainable business growth and success, with less stress and more enjoyment of their lives.

Cathy is a member of NSA National Speakers Association, The Network for Productivity Excellence, the National Chapter of Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and NAPO St. Louis Chapter and the local chapter of American Society of Training and Development (ASTD). She is also an active member and partner in e4e (Experts for Entrepreneurs), a networking and business development group for entrepreneurs in the St. Louis area.

She is co-author of Focus, Organization and Productivity, Exploring Productivity, 7 Points of Impact, and Living the Innergized Life, as well as the author of 52 Powerful Success Strategies to Ignite Productivity. She also actively provides valuable content and resources for business owners through her productivity blogging and membership website – TheProductivityExperts.com. 

Certifications and Accomplishments

  • Certified “GO” – Getting Organized System© Trainer
  • Certified Productivity Trainer
  • Certified “Life Style Design Coach”
  • Graduate of the nationally recognized Women Entrepreneur Program through St. Louis Community College, who went on to serve as a facilitator and instructor for that program during the years it was in existence
  • “Small Business of the Year” in 2006 by the Fenton Chamber of Commerce
  • Nominated for SBA Financial Services Champion of the Year in both 2005 and 2006
  • Nominated for SBA Financial Services Champion of the Year in both 2005 and 2006
  • 30+ year background in accounting
  • 14+ years as a Business and Productivity Coach

Past and Current Affiliations:

  • Partner – Experts 4 Entrepreneurs (e4e), St. Louis, MO
  • Member of National Speakers Association (NSA)
  • The Network for Productivity Excellence (NPEX)
  • National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), St. Louis Chapter
  • American Society of Training and Development (ASTD)
  • Mastermind Network of St. Louis

Expertise Featured in:

  • Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Return on Performance Magazine
  • St. Louis Post Dispatch
  • St. Louis Small Business Journal
  • St. Louis Business Journal
  • Lawyers Weekly
  • It’s Your Biz
  • St. Louis Women’s Journal
  • NBC Affiliate, MPR Radio, and KSDK TV

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