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I believe the planner will give you powerful insight into where you currently stand, but there’s even more, you can do to get your finances on track. Adding the Miracle Money Method Jumpstart mini-course (valued at $97) is the perfect complement to your Financial Planner – and you can get it for the special price of only $7.

Despite your best intentions, the money you want (or need) to make can elude you – if your mindset isn’t aligned to support the lasting changes you need to make. In other words, your mindset around money can sabotage your best efforts and hold you back!

Your mindset and beliefs around money affect every decision you make and action you take with respect to how you manage your money – whether you realize it or not. That’s why it’s SO important to be sure your mindset is helping you reach your financial goals – rather than holding you back from the success you desire.


I want you to overcome those mindset roadblocks that are standing in your way and give you the best possible chance to succeed. That’s why I’m offering you the opportunity to access the Miracle Money Method Jumpstart for the insane rate of only $7!


  • Stop cycling in and out of crippling debt
  • Make better decisions regarding spending and saving
  • Remove mindset obstacles and unleash your potential for  achieving your financial goals and dreams
  • Take control of your financial destiny and the financial success you have always desired

This Jumpstart module is part of the larger, more comprehensive Miracle Money Method program, but it will give you a strong foundation for moving forward with powerful insight and tools to overcome the financial beliefs, habits, and mindset that continue to hold you back.


So, align your mindset with this mini-course valued at $97 for only $7, and start reaping the benefits of a mindset aligned for success!

Here’s what others are saying about Cathy’s Miracle Money Method…

“Cathy Sexton knows how to make a business strong and profitable. Her Miracle Money Method has enabled us to bring a stability to our financial situation that we’ve never had before. We’re growing and it’s so exciting. Our business is stronger and ready for whatever the future might bring… thanks to Cathy’s expertise.”

Cathy Davis

Owner and CEO of Davis Creative

“I consider Cathy Sexton a valuable member of my team. She came in and filled in the financial piece of this business that had been making good money for decades, but still struggled with cash flow and never saw a profit. Even though the business had grown in terms of revenue, we weren’t getting ahead or making more money. We were making more but also spending more. And we didn’t know if we were making a profit or not. Thanks to Cathy’s Miracle Money Method, I was able to do in three years what the business hadn’t been able to do in the 29 years before. We have structure in place, we know what’s coming in and going out, our employees have bonuses, and we’re profitable, which is all amazing!”

Doug Belleville

Owner, STL Beds

“Where have you been all my life? This has been amazing and game changing for our business!”

Michele Fuller

Owner, Omega Custom Tackle

“There was a time the business survived off of credit cards. I thought of it as just part of life. Business was slow for various reasons, so that’s what I did. I was reluctant when I took Cathy’s course initially, but then my business started to explode and I really saw the value of it. I make more conscious decisions about what I spend now. I manage my money, and have money set aside for regular owner’s pay, operating expenses, and taxes. It gives me peace of mind knowing the money is there for what I need. Cathy’s system is a different mindset and way of doing things, but it’s very positive.”

Richard Terry

Owner, Accolade Kitchen & Bath

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